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Product Name:EasyPatrol


Mobile “EasyPatrol” is a newmobile solution of Guard Tour System based on clients demand. It integratesRFID technology, GPRS wireless technology, Camera and Mobileinternet technology. With this system in hand, as long as you stand somewherewith cell phone signal, you may check real-time data, and manage guard toursystem, thus improve management efficiency.

Mobileversion[51patrol]is based on customerneedsa new generationof mobile Internetsolutions forinspection, the success ofRFIDradio frequencyidentification technology, GPRSwirelesstransmission technology, videotechnology, mobileInternet technologyperfect combination.Using thissystem, as long asyou're ina cell phonesignalwhereyou canhave real-timeusing a mobile phoneanytime, anywhereinspections, theon-siteinspectionof the well known,easyscheduling, greatly improving theefficiency ofinspection management.